OweYaa: Connecting Vets and Military Spouses to Meaningful 21st Century Careers

Our Goal is to End Veteran Unemployment

OweYaa is a social enterprise that matches military intern candidates to employers in tech. Our web platform aims connect 7MM veterans and military spouses to employment and free education by the year 2020.

Currently 50% of veterans face a long periods of unemployment; and 90% of spouses are underemployed. OweYaa is designed to level the playing field and minimize constraints to successful employment. 

OweYaa has already seen internship projects convert into remote employment for our vet and spouse candidates.

OweYaa makes the the job market kinder because we bridge the civilian-military cultural gap and sparking opportunities create diverse workplaces that includes vets. Thus creating a more equitable, kinder innovative society.

Your donation goes a long way!

  • We will expand our employer member pool.
  • Reach 1,000 military and spouse candidates to provide free education and career plans to each candidate. 
  • Continue to match and coach our candidates with tailor-fit internships that build skills and important connections.

Our current candidate-employment conversion rate is 60%. With a larger employer pool including enterprise companies, we project this rate to match the 80% national rate of internships converting into full-time employment.

The Impact OweYaa Will Make:

Each year, 250K vets enter the job market but face significant hurdles; and 85% of spouses indicate that it’s difficult to get hired. Employers don’t hire vets due to lack of civilian job experience and skills that don't directly correlate to jobs. Our impact solution equips candidates with internships to work with the top growing, innovative companies across the country, that are open to remote teams. We pay for education to build new skills. We provide access for spouses and vets with disabilities to work without leaving their resources, family or community. With OweYaa’s mission, the tech sector can pay-it-forward to the military. We owe it to ensure transition success and hire the military for our best meaningful careers.

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